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Buy Olympic Bumper Plate Sets On Sale With Free Shipping!

We carry a large selection of rubber bumper plates from several manufacturers, available in kilograms and pound measurements. As always, our prices can't be beat and all bumper plates and weight sets ship free!

Rubber bumper plates are made of high density rubber that allows them to be dropped onto a hard surface without damage to the weights, floor, or the bar. The weights are made to fit on Olympic sized bars and are often used for explosive movements such as power cleans,clean and jerk, snatch, high pulls and more.

Olympic bumper plates are all the same diameter regardless of weight so that no matter what the load, the height and feel of the bar remains the same. The width of each plate determines the actual weight, in kilograms or pounds, of the rubber bumpers themselves. While rubber coated iron plates will keep your weights from killing your floors when you put them down a bit firmly, they are not a substitute for actual bumper plates.

When looking to buy bumper plate weights you should take into consideration the bounce, accuracy of the indicated weight and durability of the plates. High bounce plates usually contain a higher amount of recycled rubber material and are usually cheaper. These are typically economy or entry-level models. Low bounce plates are made of a higher quality rubber and as the name implies, bounce very little regardless of load or height at which the bar is dropped.

Weight accuracy is very important if you intend to use your bumper plates for serious training or competition. Each manufacturer and each model have individual specifications for weight tolerance and it usually listed under the additional features section of our site. This measurement can range from +/- 10 grams to over a kilo so you definitely want to look at this specification before making a buying decision.