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At Muscles and Curves we carry thousands of high quality products from top fitness brands. We work very closely with all of our suppliers so that we are able to sell these products at prices that simply cannot be beat. Whether you are looking to buy commercial training equipment for a fitness gym or you want to build your own home gym, we have eveything you could possibly need all under one "virtual" roof.

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We also carry specialty items for people interested in bodybuilding, CrossFit, power lifting, MMA training, athletic conditioning and sport specific training such as weightlifting shoes. If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, or you have questions about what you need, contact our Customer Service department and tell us what it is you are looking for or what you are wanting to achieve. We can help you choose the right fitness and training equipment to buy based on your budget, fitness level and goals. And if we don't carry it, or it's out of stock, We'll Help You Find Where to Buy It Online! Now THAT's service!

We start by offering a vast selection of weight lifting equipment to choose from, broken down into various broad categories to make it easier to find the gear you need. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, the search function in the upper right-hand corner is a very useful feature. If you still cannot find the weightlifting or fitness gear you are searching for, then submit a ticket with our help desk. If we do not carry the item, we will refer you to a reputable online fitness equipment dealer and help you find where to buy it at the best price! As for price, we carry weightlifting equipment that will accommodate any budget and fitness goal. Whether you are building a small home gym or looking to fill a commercial fitness center, our vast selection of equipment from multiple manufacturers guarantees we will have what you are looking for at a price that agrees with your wallet! And because our selection of equipment is so large, we are able to bring you many different options for the same type of equipment. With our low prices, there is no need to browse 10 different websites to find the store that has the best prices. We have every piece of equipment you could possibly need under one roof with the best prices on the internet. Not sure exactly what you need? No problem. All of our fitness products have very detailed descriptions and explain exactly what the product is best suited for. If you need more details you can always submit a product question right from the product page. You can also view existing questions about that product to see if yours has already been asked and answered. If you are buying fitness equipment as a gift for someone, you may want to consider purchasing a gift certificate instead. They are available in any denomination of $10 and are electronically sent to you within 24 hours of purchase. They are also valid for one year and make a perfect gift for anyone that is a fitness enthusiast, athlete or gym rat.

Is Crossfit Dead?

With so many athletes getting injured, and so many former "boxes" dropping the crossfit name to avoid the $3,000 a year franchise fee, is the sport of crossfit slowly dying? It was a little silly in the first place to name a very broad method of training as "crossfit". Essentially it is just functional fitness that follows 10 rules. That could be done under any name, without paying a ridiculous franchise fee. The popularity of the sport drove many gym owners to buy-in, but now, many are opting to leave the Crossfit name behind. It seems Crossfit's popularity may have actually lead to its demise. As more people became aware of the "type" of training, they also began to realize that just because a gym doesn't carry the label of Crossfit, doesn't mean they can't get the exact same type of training - usually for much cheaper.

Effective Exercises to Strengthen the Lower Body

Envision a program for bench press where the workings of the muscles of the chest were entirely neglected. Would such a program be effective? Why should exercising the lower body differ at all?

The arms’ base musculature is shaped by the pectorals, facilitating a huge bench. In the same way, the glutes structure the legs’ base musculature, promoting massive athletic feats.

In case your fitness training coach does not include the workout of these muscles for you, then you should doubt their skills. I've been working with a Woodlands personal trainer at woodlands strength and conditioning for several months now, and I can tell you that it makes all the difference when your trainer knows their job well. For instance, I didn't realize I wasn't fully engaging my glutes when squatting, nor did I know that I really needed to contract my core to stay tight and upright in the squat. Training under the watchful eye of a professional can help uncover your imbalances, flaws and technique corrections that are needed to improve you as an athlete.

Importance of Powerful Glutes

Powerful glutes that are appropriately developed will assist you in literally each element of life. If you engage in sports, powerful glutes will raise your vibrancy on the court or field. If you engage in lifting weights, appropriately enhanced glutes will drastically increase your figures for squat as well as the deadlift.

Even if you do not squat or participate in sports, having powerful glutes will assist you run, swim, walk and jump quicker. It also goes without saying that glutes that are developed well are circular and attractive; this greatly enhances self –assurance!

The truth is that a lot of people, including athletes are not aware of the way to correctly connect their glutes and, therefore, run their lives without realizing their complete feat or physical capability.

Exercises for Lower Body

A lot of varied workouts exist which are aimed at your lower body such as lunges, squats, deadlifts, etc. However, a lot of times individuals do not utilize their glutes in the course of the mentioned workouts; rather, they allow their quads to take control.

You might be truly powerful and athletic but still experience ‘soft’ glutes that are not entirely developed. On my part, I do not just desire to BE powerful but I desire a strong and firm rear to portray this! This is after all, among the physical features that are most on demand, particularly for ladies.

So as to develop a rear that is sturdy and attractive, you should do work-outs that particularly separate the glutes to enable you to gain knowledge on how to stimulate them appropriately.

After you can properly stimulate your glutes, note how simple it is to jump, walk, run and or squat (take note also how your rear becomes tight and compact).

I present 5 of my best-preferred glute workouts that you can perform at home. Neither weights nor the gym is necessary! You might be a superior athlete; still, attempt these exercises. I guarantee you they will make an impact on you!

Ensure you concentrate on reducing the speed of the motions, so you do not utilize any force; press your glutes all through the workout.

Also, at all times maintain weight in your feet!

How Does Eating More Food, Burn More Calories?

If you follow simple calorie in, calorie out math, then you are lead to believe that you must simply burn more calories than you consume. But what if this rudimentary view of food and energy consumption did not reveal the entire picture? The truth is, it requires more energy for your body to digest and utilize certain foods than others. Of great importance, is whole food proteins like steak and chicken. This is the reason bodybuilder consume such large amount of protein - it actually boosts your metabolism just eating this food.

Best Fitness Equipment for at Home Workouts

For most people, a gym membership seems like a prerequisite for effective workouts. The average person prefers visiting a gym compared to exercising at home. Your overall fitness and health doesn't depend upon a gym membership, though. In reality, exercising at home could prove more beneficial with the right equipment. Weight loss, fat burning, and strength training can all be managed from the comfort of home. You'll love the savings and feel great from an intense at-home workout.

Nikki Gunz, a strength trainer in Austin Texas, recommends sticking to the following fitness equipment for workout results at home:


A set of dumbbells is your key to building muscle and sculpting the perfect body. It's important to buy a few pairs of dumbbells at different weights, depending upon your individual strength. For weight training, technique and form are more important than lifting ultra-heavy weights during a routine. You'll need to purchase heavier weights over time, but start with a reasonable weight range.

Resistance Bands

By using resistance bands, countless exercises are available at your fingertips. Each band features a different level of resistance, which allows for varied workouts. These bands provide a similar workout to dumbbells but with more flexibility in what you can do and accomplish. Plus, beginners and experts alike can benefit from such bands. They're portable and travel-friendly, too.


If you want a versatile exercise tool, then you need to own a kettlebell or two at home. Kettlebells are essentially a weighted ball with a handle. You can train with kettlebells to improve your cardio, flexibility, and strength. Before buying these items, you'll want to know where to start because countless options are available. It's recommended that you try out a few weight options to find the right starting point.

Exercise Mats

Carpet and hardwood flooring at home aren't the best surfaces for exercising. Your carpet won't provide enough support, and exercise equipment could damage hardwood. Luckily, exercise mats help give you cushioning and support while protecting your floors. Most mats are non-slip and provide the perfect surface for performing an exercise routine. Exercise mats are designed for more than Yoga and Pilates after all.

A Heart Rate Monitor

While exercising at home, you should track your performance in various ways. A heart rate monitor records your heart rate and burned calories during workouts. On top of that, you'll know whether you're exerting yourself enough or not. At-home workouts benefit from this added layer of accountability and fitness tracking. A higher heart rate, within a safe range, means a more effective and beneficial regimen. Currently, heart rate monitors are available at reasonable prices, and you'll want one at all times.

Plyo Boxes

Plyometrics help you burn even more calories and condition your body more effectively. A plyo box is a raised platform of six inches or higher, and they'll make any workout more intense. On a ply box, your body is forced to work harder to complete a rep, which makes your workouts far more explosive in nature. This produces incredible results on exercises like squats.

You may need more or less fitness equipment inside the home for a full workout. Still, this equipment should be considered a baseline for the average person. Each piece of equipment helps you achieve a complete workout without breaking the bank. The money saved in comparison to buying a gym membership can be used to buy other at-home equipment. Either way, choosing the right equipment for at-home workouts guarantees that you'll see similar (or better) results without heading out to the local gym.

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